Options for the exterior


Accessories mentioned below for improvement of the exterior were available at purchase on the Opel Kadett C.

Rear window demister

Early models had for a better rear visibility the option of a rear window demister. On the later models these became standard.





The standard lighting of the Kadett C could be improved with a number of extras, namely halogen headlights, front fog and a rear fog light.





The halogen lights were available for all Kadett C. The front fogs were mounted on top of the bumper. These lamps give considerably more light. The rear fog lamp was mounted below the bumper.


mist achterlicht



Head lamp wiper with washer

A head lamp wiper with washer was not popular and as such is very rare. Funny detail: Of some current owner owners it has been confessed that they not even know how to operate head lamp wipers!





There were several types of wheels were available for the Opel Kadett C, both of light metal, steel and forged types.

  • ATS type of stern, 5.5Jx13 and 6Jx13
  • Fuchs 6Jx13
  • Opel 4-spokes, 5.5Jx13

    The ATS wheels (5.5Jx13 or 6Jx13) were only available on the Opel Kadett C GT/E and Rallye.






Opel mentioned in the brochure that this rim would only be appropriate on these cars, although this is not true.





The Fuchs wheels are probably the most wanted wheel for Kadett C-lovers. This wheel was only provided on the GT/E.


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The 4-spoke the rim was at firs an option but later on the Opel Kadett C.

Internally adjustable outside mirror

The internaly adjustable outside mirror is rather unknown but exists. Internally adjustable outside mirrors were however rarely available on the Kadett C. With thanks to the family Broedelet for the use of the photograph shown below.

verstelbare buitenspiegel



Towing hook

For all models antowing hook was available. Should you encounter a towing hook, pay attention as the towing hooks for the different models were not the same (different for sedan/city/caravan etc)!




Parking light

The Kadett C came in some cases with a parking light. The information for this is in our technical section available to club members only.