The 2.0 litres EH engines were only available for the Coupé GT/E 2 (C2 the model of the Opel Kadett C Coupé).
The H in the type name stands for high-power. Originally only1000 GT/E 2's were to be made for type approval in motorsport. The enormous sale success of the production GT/E meant that production was continued into a 2nd run and remained on sale.

The difference with respect to 2.0E the engine is the 2.0EH the engine has equipped with mechanical tappets and the head and exhaust ports have been optimized. Because of this the engine has a more power and improvements helped further its usefulness in motor sport.


Specifications 2.0 CIH

2.0 EH


As from end 1977

Maximum power

115 pk (85 kW)
at 5600 rpm

Maximum torque

162 Nm
at 3000 rpm

Number of cylinders

4 in line

Bore x stroke

95x69,8 mm

Cubic capacity

1979 cc

Compression ratio


petrol type,
requires octane number (RON)

minus 98 RON

fuel supplies

Bosch l jetronic
Electronically regulated petrol injection


Electronically regulated

Idle speed

850 rpm

Maximum rpm

Briefly maximum. 6150 rpm/constantly maximum 6000 rpm


5x bearings


Operated by means of chain, 4x bearings

Oil capacity

3.8 litre

Firing order