1.0 OHV Engine


As from March 1974, due to the 1973 oil crisis and the need for economical cars, the 1-liter OHV engine was available for the Kadett C, alongside the existing 1.2N and 1.2S.

Little is known about the production duration of this 1.0 engine. Folders and lists from that time give no information on the models in which it was fitted. Also documentation, such as the Oracle of P. Olyslager and the car handbook of Kluwer/Haynes about the Opel Kadett C, offer no help or addition to other documentation. In the book of Kluwer/Haynes  there is a mention of the 1.0S as an engine, but is lacking  information, such as the specifications.
From the data and specifications in the original workshop handbook of General Motors engines, we can conclude however that it provided 1.0N in the Kadett and not 1.0S.

The need for a C Kadett with a 1-liter an engine was apparently not large, because this engine was only available for a very short time and not many were sold.

Original Kadett C with such an engine are therefore real a scarcity!



The1.0N OHV engine is a descendent of the original from the type A Kadett (constructed from 1962 - 1965). This engine was admittedly re-introduced in the Kadett C in an almost unaltered form. Specifications mentioned below come partly from the GM workshop handbook, or data of the A Kadett.


In addition the data of 1.0S have been included but these were almost certainly not available in the C Kadett.


Specifications 1.0 OHV




As from March 1974
production duration unknown

Not provided
Kadett C

Maximum horsepower

40 pk (29 kW)
at 5000 tpm

48 pk (36 kW)
at 5400 tpm

Maximum Torque

70 Nm
at 2600-3000 tpm


Compression ratio



petrol type,
requires octane number (RON)

minus 92 RON

minus 98 RON


Solex 30 mm PDSI


Number of cylinders

4 in line

Bore x Stroke

72x61 mm

Cubic capacity

993 cc

Idle speed

850 rpm

Maximum rpm

Briefly maximum. 6100 rpm/constantly maximum 5800 rpm


3x bearings


Operated by means of chain, 3x bearings



Oil capacity

2.75 litre

Firing order