Differences in the Opel Kadett C1 and Opel Kadett C2

What is the difference between Kadett C1 and Kadett C2?  There is very little difference and both are considered Kadett C
The original C1 version was brought out in 1973, with the C2 version following in May 1976.
Despite small differences in techniques and optional extras, the difference between C1 and the C2 versions are mainly external.



The main noticeable differences are:

  • In the C1 version indicators are under the bumper where as in C2 version they are beside the headlights.
  • The Opel-Logo on C1 is on the bonnet and on C2 on the radiator grille.
  • The front edge of the bonnet on the C1 is longer than that on the C2.
  • The Grille of C1 has 3 horizontal bars where as the C2 has 5.
The modifications to the lights, bonnet and grill resulted in a more modern look.