Opel Kadett C - Estate


One of the Models  which was available from the introduction of the Kadett C in august 1973, was the Opel Kadett Estate. The Opel Kadett Estate was an estate version based on the Opel Kadett C. Even though the length and height are the same as for the saloon it appeared to be a much larger car.



The Kadett Estate was had a large flat load space which could be extended by folding the back of the rear seat. With the back seat folded  the Estate is had a floor space 1.7 square meters. The large tailgate of the Estate gives easy access to the load area which totaled 1.5 cubic meters, and a load limit of 450Kg. The City, had the Estate a something other rear axle then the rest of the Kadett C models. The shock absorbers of the rear axle had been placed at an angle across the width of the car to save space and thus increase the load area.

caravan c2 geel

The Kadett Estate was a popular form of transport and can still occasionally be seen on the road.  The number of Kadett C Estates at meetings is quite small as obtaining parts for the Estate is getting difficult.  Outside of the standard models of the Estate with 1.2 and the 1.6 engines, a special model of the Estate was produced, the Pirsch.  As far as we know these were only sold in Germany. The Pirsch Kadett Estate had as standard, winter tyres, load safety net, a larger floor  space and a limited slip differential.

caravan c2 groen


If you want a limited slip differential in your Kadett  C Estate with a 1.2 engine then you will have to search out one of these Pirsch axles.  The Kadett Pirsch only came in colors safari beige and forest green.



One accessory for the Kadett Estate and City was the baggage net, which could stop cargo sliding forward, the Kadett Estate Pirsch  had this provided as standard.


Specification Opel Kadett C - Caravan



Track width front


Track width rear


Total length (without bumper guards)


Total width


Total hight


Unladen weight


Maximum. admissible weight


Maximum. admissible braked trailer weight


Maximum. admissible braked trailer weight automatic


Maximum. admissible un-braked trailer weight


Top speed with 1.2N/1.2S/1.6S

138/142/157 km/u

Top speed with 1.2S/1.6S automatic

137/152 km/u

Acceleration with 1.2N/1.2S/1.6S (0-100 km/u)

20/18.5/14 seconden

Acceleration with 1.2S/1.6S automatic (0-100 km/u)

22/16.5 seconden

Tank capacity

43 litres

Economy with 1.2N/1.2S/1.6S

8.2/7.9/9.7 litres by 100km

Economy with 1.2S/1.6S automatic

8.6/10.3 litres by 100km