Opel Kadett C - Coupé


The most popular and most sport orientated model of the Opel Kadett C is the Coupé. Of all the Kadett C models the Coupé had the most versions available. Also the top model of the Kadett C, the GT/E, was only available as a Coupé.  In standard form the Coupé was some centimeters lower than the rest of the models.


The streamlined design of the Coupe gave a lower CW  (drag factor) value than the rest of the models in the range, as a result of which faster acceleration and a higher top speed were possible. As well as the standard model a Berlinetta, SR, GT/E and Rallye were versions available.

coupe c2 berlinetta beige 2

The Berlinetta version was an extra luxury version of the Coupé. The SR version had a mat black bonnet and rally striping.  The SR version was provided with harder absorbers, different tires and a comprehensive dashboard with rev-counter, volt meter and oil pressure gauge.



The GT/E was introduced in 1975. Standard the car was Available in the yellow/black war colors or a signal color. The car was provide with 105hp 1.9 liters injection engine from the Manta. This gave the GT/E acceleration of 0-100 in 10.2 seconds and a top speed of 180 km/h.



THE GT/E had among other things. H4 head lamps, thicker anti-roll bars and up rated suspension . Optionally the car was available with 5 speed ZF gearbox and limited slip differential with a lower final drive. The car was very popular in motor sport and had a lot of success. A total of 8660 GT/E's were produced between 1975 and 1977.

GT/E 2 and 1000-serie

From 1977 a new version of the GT/E was built which was called the GT/E 2. This version of the GT/E was no longer available in the colors yellow/black, but was provided in the colors yellow/white.

coupe witgeel


The car was provided with 115hp 2 liters injection motor. The acceleration of 0-100 km/h could be gained in 9.8 and the top speed of the GT/E was 189 km/h. Standard was the car provide with 5-versnellingsbak (ZF), rearend differential and a rally instrument. One wished Recaro tank L en and e.g. clock or a radio, then one had those in the option list select. They were against extra cost deliverable.

At first it was the intention to build1000 of these GT/E's for homologation in motor sport. In the Netherlands you were only  to buy this car if you possessed a racing license . This firs limited production run of 1000  gave itself to the nick name of 1000 series or GT/E 1000.

The first production run of 1000 Kadetts GT/E's  sold very quickly, Opel decided in July/august 1978 to do another 500 in yellow/blank, These also sold quickly and they made a final run of 754.

The total number of GT/E' built between 1977 and 1979 was 2254. During the last production run GT/E's could be ordered several clear (signal) colours .
It is known that these cars did not all have the same specification.  Some GT/E 2's were manufactured with sport orientated 4 speed close-ratio gearbox instead of the earlier standard ZF 5 speed and a 45% limited slid differential in place of the stronger 75% version.

The last GT/E's were sold at the end of 1978 or beginning 1979.



A street version of the GT/E introduced with the GT/E2  was the Rallye . The Rallye was provided with a 75hp1.6S engine which was from 1977 also available in the normal Kadetts, or a 110hp 2 liters injection engine.



The interior of the Rallye was almost the same as the GT/E except that the rally instrument was deleted. The Rallye 1.6S had acceleration 0-100 km/h in exactly 13 seconds, whereas the Rallye 2.0E brought this about in 9.5 seconds. Between 1978 and 1979 a total of 8549 Rallye Kadetts were built.


Specification Opel Kadett C - Coupé



Track width front


Track width rear


Total length (without bumper guards)


Total width


Total height


Unladen weight weight


Maximum. admissible weight


Maximum. admissible braked trailer weight


Maximum. Admissible braked trailer weight automatic


Maximum. admissible un braked trailer weight


Top speed with 1.2N/1.2S/1.6S/19.E/2.0E/2.0EH

142/146/160/185/189/190 km/u

Top speed with 1.2S/1.6S automat

141/155 km/u

Acceleration with 1.2N/1.2S/1.6S/1.9E/2.0E/2.0Eh (0-100 km/u)

18.5/17/13/10.5/9.5/8.5 seconden

Acceleration with 1.2S/1.6S automatic (0-100 km/u)

20.5/15.5 seconden

Tank capacity

43 litres

Economy with 1.2N/1.2S/1.6S/1.9E/2.0E/2.0EH

8.0/7.6/9.2/8.9/8.8/8.8 litres by 100km

Economy with 1.2S/1.6S automatic

8.3/9.7 litres by 100km