Opel Kadett C - City


The Opel Kadett City was introduced in May 1975 as the answer to the car brought out by its largest competitor, the Volkswagen Golf. The City is a three door hatchback model with a large load space for such a small car.

city c2 geel

The City was, as with the Caravan, was provided with a folding rear seat back, as a result load space could be increased. The City was 30 centimeters shorter than the rest of the Kadett C models. Because of this the car would be much more practical in the large cities.

city c2 groen

The City came in lively colours with a matching interior. A real shopping car. The cheapest version of the Opel Kadett C was the City J (or Junior) model with a price of under Dutch Fl. 10,000, -.

city c2 geel 2


On the rear axle of the City the shock absorbers have been placed diagonally across the width of the car to save space, the same as for the Caravan.  At the end of 1977 early 1978, the Kadett C City was still on sale in C1 version even though the C2 version (indicators beside headlamps) was already released in August 1977.



There were a number of special versions of the city made by Irmscher with their own special serial number and with support of Opel/General special engines were built. There was also a Winterfest version of the City.


Specification Opel Kadett C - City



Track width front


Track width rear


Total length (without bumper guards)


Total breadth      


Total height


Unladen weight


Maximum. admissible weight


Maximum. admissible braked trailer weight


Maximum. admissible braked weight automatic


Maximum. admissible un-braked trailer weight


Top speed with 1.2N/1.2S/1.6S

136/140/155 km/u

Top speed with 1.2S/1.6S automatic

135/150 km/u

Acceleration with 1.2N/1.2S/1.6S (0-100 km/u)

19/18/13 seconden

Acceleration with 1.2S/1.6S automatic (0-100 km/u)

21.5/15.5 seconden

Tank capacity

37 litres

Economy with 1.2N/1.2S/1.6S

8.3/8.1/9.9 litres by 100km

Economy with 1.2S/1.6S automat

8.8/10.5 litres by 100km