Opel Kadett C - Aero


After some years in production the Opel Kadett needed an image boost and it was time for something totally new.  A great idea was had to produce an open version of the Opel Kadett C..


aero c1 lichtblauw


The Opel Kadett Aero was introduced in 1976, at the car fair in Geneva. It was a half cabriolet model based on the Salloon. The roof could be removed and the rear window could be folded down. As standard this car was produced with all extra's with the SR version. The exterior was done by Baur in Stuttgart, which also made for BMW the same type of model.


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Removing the roof and folding the rear window was an easy operation. The plastic roof is only held with a couple clamps. In the boot space a couple special supports have been added, in which the roof is clamped. This holds the roof close against the boot lid so that little luggage space is lost. The rear window is simply folded down and covered with a supplied loose cover. It all goes all very easily and is particular well finished. With the roof fitted wind noise is less than in a standard Kadett.


aero c1 lichtblauw 3

The idea of the Aero was fantastic. The price of this model was however absurdly high. Standard Saloon of around 1977 cost Dutch Fl. 12,000, -. The Aero version cost Duch Fl. 23,000!  With this high price the Aero was unsuccessful. There were 1332 of the Aero's produced with most of Aero's being sold in Germany. As soon as1978, the construction of the Kadett Aero was stopped.


aero c2 wit


Nowadays the Aero's are in great demand, with its low production numbers un-refurbished Aero's  are already  selling for dutch Fl. 5000. Make shure when buying an Aero that all Aero specific parts in good condition, because these are very difficult to get. Things like the removable roof panel, the rear window and cover and the fixing rack in the boot for the removable roof. These parts are still available, but very expensive. For the rest of the car parts are still obtainable the same as for the saloon.

aero c2 wit 2


When buying Aero you must pay attention of course to the known weak points of the Kadett C. A real Aero can recognized by the identification plate on the cover of the left rear light (in the back of the boot). Here is also Baur-serial number.


Specification Opel Kadett C - Aero



Track width front


Track width rear


Total length (without bumper guards)


Total width


Total hight


Unladen weight


Maximum. admissible weight


Maximum. admissible braked trailer weight


Maximum. admissible un-braked trailer weight


Top speed with 1.2S/1.6S

142/152 km/u

Acceleration with 1.2S/1.6S (0-100 km/u)

17.5/13 seconden

Tank capacity

43 litres

Economy with 1.2S/1.6S

8.2/9.7 litres by 100km