The membership of our club is for everyone, who is crazy about the Opel Kadett C.
It is not necessary to own an Opel Kadett C yourself. But if you might be considering buying one in the future, it can be very useful to be a member of our club.
For example to get in contact with other members, who can provide you with useful tips!
Also some discounts with insurance companies for the insurance of you beautiful classic Opel Kadett C.


The club year runs from the1st of January till the 31st of December.ledenlijst universeel
There is no joining fee and subscription is € 41,00 per person for the club year 2015.
The membership is strickly personal.


To become a member please fill in the application form.  Click here.


You will receive a E-mail back with all the information needed,
about payment and other important things you should know.


The application will be processed after payment of the membership fee.
A welcome gift will be send to you within 2 weeks of payment.


The membership of the Opel Kadett c Club Belgium-Holland contains advantages for an Opel Kadett C-lover:

*   5 times a year you recieve our magazine full of stories and information.               (membership list)     
*   Free participation in day-tours, which are organized by our club.
*   Free access on the track racing day at Ter Apel.
*   We try toi give free access for all our members, during the annual rally.

And naturally it is a big advantage that it is easier to get in contact with other members.


Every member gets a membership pass at the beginning of each new club year (or at joining).

New members get a ring binder to keep their magazines in and and a password, which is needed to log-on on to the member page of our website.
Here you can find important information, data and downloads.