At the end of 1987 a chance meeting in Belgium of a number several Belgian and Dutch Opel Kadett C lovers gave rise to the idea to set up a club for Opel Kadett C fans.
A few months later, in February 1988, this became reality and the Opel Kadett C-Club Belgium was founded.
Due to the multitude of members from Belgium and The Netherlands, the name of the club founded in 1988 was changed 1989 to Opel Kadett C-Club Belgium-Holland.


After attending several meetings and shows there was a large interest in the club, as a result of which also the number of members grew rapidly.
The fast developments in our club required changes in the organization, among which was a registration of our club in the Dutch association register. That registration was on the 16th December 1994.

The Opel Kadett C has become a much loved classic car, which recalls good memories for many people everywhere in Europe each time they see one.
Also people, who are much younger than the youngest  Kadett C, feel themselves attracted to them.

We feel it is important to have a good club for these cars, a club which is run by a group of enthusiastic people.
And we have that!
At this moment we have approximately 250 members from the Netherlands, Belgium and even The United Kingdom.

If you are interested and if you would like to know more about a membership, please contact our secretary for more information, or click here to fill in the application form.


Opel Kadett C club Belgium - Holland.